MEDINORM Medizintechnik GmbH



MEDINORM has highly flexible modern technology for production and packaging machines that enables us to meet the demands of our customer’s requests.

MEDINORM products can either be included in the exclusive marketing or can be marketed under the customer label as an OEM product depending on the customer’s preference.

Beside the MEDINORM standard products we offer our customers the opportunity to adapt and develop the products to their requirement.

Our staff welcome your enquiries.


MEDINORM Medizintechnik GmbH

MEDINORM Medical Technology – Team player for the patient


"Fast, flexible and customer friendly are the attributes that characterise our company, when handling national and international contracts."

Point of contact:

Nicoleta Rau

Phone 06821 – 9 64 78 - 46
Nicoleta Rau


Respiration Accessories

Catheters / Probes

Suction Sets

Wound Drainage




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